Calculation based on Nielsen data on Unit Sales reported by Nielsen through its Retail Index Services for both the top 5 brands in Skin cleansing category (Bar, Liquid Hand wash, Shower, Bath Additives, depending on local availability) and the top 5 Hygiene skin cleansing brands (defined by Unilever); using the latest data period available in each countries: In Thailand, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Belgium, China, Poland, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Uruguay based on 12 months ending February 2020 data. In Netherlands, France, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Portugal, New Zealand, Nigeria based on 12 months ending January 2020. In Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden based on 12 months ending December 2019 data, In Saudi Arabia based on 12 months ending November 2019 data, In United States, Philippines and Vietnam based on 12 months ending March 2020 data. (as per Nielsen Coverage and Unilever geographic subscription) (Copyright © 2020, ACNielsen).