Bish Bash Bosh

Whether you are on the bus or shopping at a supermarket, you can confidently Bish Bash Bosh germs away with our new range of hand sanitising and soap products. 

Touch it, Wash it, Bish Bash Bosh it. 

Our range of hygiene products kill 99.9% of bacteria so you can stay one step ahead of infections, wherever you are.



We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about hand washing over the last 125 years and developed our Soaper Heroes handwashing programme for schools. The goal is to remind teachers and pupils about the importance of hand washing and good hygiene habits. The programme is approved by the Royal Society for Public Health and the Global Handwashing Partnership, and in 2020 will reach more than 1 million school children.


We’ve created a Hand Hygiene Kit with useful tips and advice on how to keep your hands clean and stop the spread of germs and bacteria. The Kits have been distributed through charity partners to over 30,000 families across the country and are also available to download on our website here. The Hand Hygiene Kits have been approved by the Royal Society for Public Health and the Global Handwashing Partnership.

Meet Dr. Ranj

We’ve partnered with well-loved Dr. Ranj Singh, Medical expert, NHS Doctor and TV presenter, to educate the public on how to reduce the spread of infection, by reinforcing positive hand hygiene habits. 

Together we are on a mission to support the nation in making handwashing and sanitising a key, frequent part of everyday routines.  We will be educating the public on how handwashing is effective in fighting bacteria and disease, as it has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of germs and bacteria.

Whilst helping us get into new routines, Dr Ranj will also be busting some of the common myths about germs and bacteria. Watch this space

Dr. Ranj