Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lifebuoy was the world’s first hygiene soap. It launched in 1894 and is now the world’s no1 hygiene soap brand*. Lifebuoy has championed a message of health through hygiene for more than a century. It is now available in over 40 countries across EU with a wide range of products – hand hygiene liquid hand wash, hygiene soap bar, hand hygiene wipes, hand hygiene gels (cosmetic), hand sanitizer gels (biocide), hand sprays (biocide), hand hygiene spray (cosmetic).


    *calculation based on Nielsen unit sales information for the total markets (approx. 40 countries). Latest 12 months available. see for further information. New letter coming in April



  • Lifebuoy has over 125 years of research and heritage in personal health and hygiene. Lifebuoy was originally launched in the UK and Ireland in 1894 to help bring affordable hygiene to Victorian England at a time when epidemics of typhoid, smallpox, cholera and diphtheria were a constant threat. 

    Over the past century, Lifebuoy has evolved into one of the world's leading hygiene soap brands and is sold in over 60 countries. Lifebuoy has adapted and evolved its campaign to drive handwashing behaviours in times of need, making handwashing messages engaging and memorable. 

    Our recent focus has been in countries where we could make the most difference, where hygiene education could help reduce the incidence of pneumonia, diarrhea and life-threatening diseases.

  • The founding mission of lifebuoy was to help bring affordable hygiene to Victorian England at a time when epidemics were a constant threat Fast forwarding to today, Lifebuoy’s mission is to support better and more frequent hygiene habits. Our school’s program in the UK aims to continue this, with the aim of educating 5 million children by 2025 on the importance of good hand hygiene.

  • Lifebuoy has Liquid Handwash, Hand Sanitiser, and Hygiene Hand Wipes. Our handwash comes in a 250ml pack size, in 3 different variants: Original, Caring & Refreshing. Out Sanitiser comes in a 50ml pocket sized pack, perfect for on the go, and a 250ml size, great to keep at home or in your car. Our handwipes come in a convenient 10 piece pack.

  • The global pandemic highlighted that everyone can benefit from improved handwashing and hand hygiene habits. Experts believe that one of the easiest and most effective ways for people to stay clean and help remove germs is regular hand hygiene at the times that matter (e.g. before eating, after going out and using the toilet etc). 

    Some germs have an outer protective covering made up of two layers of fatty molecules. Soap can help to break apart this outer protective layer, trapping and helping remove these germs along with any other oils and debris that are present in our hands. 

  • Washing your hands with soap and water is a great choice for cleaning your hands and helping remove dirt and germs. However, if you cannot access a sink or water supply, then alcohol-based hand sanitisers (60%) work just as well. Please remember to follow the right instructions.

  • Your skin has a natural way of protecting itself from bacteria by producing Anti-Microbial Peptides (AMPs). Lifebuoy’s unique formulation enhances what your skin is already doing by keeping its natural barrier in a healthy condition and helping to boost AMP production. We have clinically proven that Lifebuoy enhances these bacteria-fighting mechanisms for up to 10 hours and supports the skin’s own ability to defend against bacteria.  We strongly encourage practicing and maintaining good hand hygiene habits; regular hand washing and sanitising on-the-go if no soap and water are available.

  • Lifebuoy’s new formula contains a unique blend of ingredients that support your skin’s natural way of protecting itself and enhances what your skin is already doing. It keeps the skin barrier in a good condition to support its bacteria fighting action. 

  • Lifebuoy’s new formula has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Vitamins are part of our unique formulation, a blend of ingredients that work together to support the skin barrier to keep it in a healthy condition and maintain its natural defences against bacteria.

  • Yes, Lifebuoy’s hand sanitiser gel and hand hygiene wipes contain alcohol.

  • Yes, all our products are suitable for people the whole family but should not be used by children without adult supervision. Always remember to keep out of reach of children.