Lifebuoy's Hand Hygiene Kit

Welcome to the Lifebuoy digital hand hygiene kit! Below you will find several links to fun and informative content that demonstrates how you and your family can practise effective hand hygiene habits.

Handwashing with soap and water or using hand sanitiser is important to keep you and your family as safe as possible. We are here to help you make informed decisions around incorporating hand hygiene habits into your daily routines, in a way that is relevant, versatile and effective as lockdown is slowly lifted and we return to school and work.

Hand Hygiene Kit Leaflet

Creating new routines is easy. Click here to learn how this hand hygiene kit can help you and your loved ones wash your hands the right way and at the right times!

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Handwashing Poster

Download and print this poster to put in your bathroom outlining the six simple steps to washing your hands with soap or sanitising.

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Colouring-In Poster

Download and print this colouring in poster for your kids and challenge them to draw a key moment when it’s important to wash or sanitise their hands.

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Hand Hygiene Stickers

Print off these reminder badges and stick them in key places around the house to remind everyone in your home to wash or sanitise their hands at the right times. For example, before preparing food, or when returning from outdoors.  Alternatively, if you can’t stick them in your home, commit these example moments to memory so you remember when to wash or sanitise your hands.

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These materials are approved by the Royal Society for Public Health and Global Handwashing Partnership and were developed with input from a wide range of experts including Chartered members of the British Psychological Society.

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