Lifebuoy Vitamins 6-hour anti-bacterial protection* Hand Sanitiser gel 250ml

Did you know that your skin has a natural way of protecting itself by releasing anti-microbial peptides (AMP)? Lifebuoy Vitamins hand sanitiser, infused with Vitamins B3 and E, boosts the skin's AMP production to protect it for up to 6 hours. Featuring the invigorating scents of pine and thyme oil, our caring hand gel will bish bash bosh 99.9% of all germs and viruses** and leave your skin feeling hydrated for up to 10 hours. This hand sanitiser gel comes in a long-lasting bottle with a convenient pump dispenser to make it easy to quickly sanitise when there’s no soap and water available. Simply apply 3 ml of hand gel to your palm, spread and rub over the backs of your hands and fingertips for 60 seconds until dry. No rinsing required. Lifebuoy was launched in 1894 by William Lever in response to the cholera outbreak in the UK. He had a clear mission with the introduction of ‘a soap that saves lives’ and it did just that, helping thousands access basic hygiene. Although times have changed significantly, the purpose of the brand remains. Why not also try our Original Vitamins Anti-Bacterial Liquid Handwash 250 ml? *vs representative Gram-negative bacterium. Always practice good hand hygiene. **effective against enveloped viruses. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product infomation before use. 


ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Ethanol 62g per 100g of product   

*Ingredients checked at time of publishing. Always check product packaging.