Soaper Heroes Schools Programme

Our Soaper Heroes Schools Programme

Our Soaper Heroes resources form a crucial part of the Lifebuoy handwashing behaviour change programme. As children develop during their primary school years, they embed learnings and behaviours about how to look after themselves and others. In turn, they can take new behaviours back to their homes and wider communities.

Even before Covid-19 struck the UK, there was a need to support schools in the delivery of education on personal health and hygiene, particularly around handwashing. Indeed, 38.2 million school days were lost in the UK between 2018-2019 due to illness.

Our Lifebuoy Soaper Heroes programme builds on experience gathered from our global schools programme, along with advice from UK public health experts and school teachers. It is designed to blend science with fun content and the resources include films, experiments, songs, stickers, a calendar and a pledge, all presented by our cartoon Soaper Heroes characters.

On 15th October, Global Handwashing Day, we teamed up with NHS Doctor, Dr Ranj Singh, to give a lesson on hand hygiene in the biggest nationwide assembly. 375 schools and over 100,000 children across the UK joined in to learn the role handwashing plays. Watch Dr Ranj’s assembly on how handwashing can help prevent the spread of viruses such as colds, flu and COVID-19.

Finally, don’t miss our new Handwashing Song and sing your way to better hand hygiene with Lifebuoy. Bish Bash Bosh it!

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What the teachers have said:

“There’s a lot of great stuff here for Health and Wellbeing – Soaper Heroes is a very comprehensive resource with lots of materials to use over a few lessons or one long session.  It’s very adaptable and covers Science and links to the community." 
Sarah Storer, teacher, Banchory Primary School, Aberdeenshire

“Soaper Heroes is a very useful suite of educational resources that will stimulate your pupils to question their hygiene habits and improve their hand washing regime. Great for PSHE lessons and form time discussions".  
Helen Porter, secondary school science teacher, England

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For Parents


This is a great chance for your children to take their hand hygiene habits back from school to their home. 

Click here on the links below to download: 

Leaflet for Parents

Handwashing calendar

Soaper Hero certificate

Poster How to wash your hands poster

Poster How to sanitize your  hands

Comic book A not so perfect plan

Comic book There's poop on your hands

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