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What to Have in Your Personal Hygiene Kit

A personal hygiene kit is a useful collection of personal care items dedicated to helping you stop the spread of germs. Being prepared to hygienically clean your hands at any moment in your day helps to protect both yourself and others from the spread of germs. As part of Lifebuoy’s mission to teach better hand hygiene practices to people of all ages, here are 4 essential products, from antibacterial hand cream to antibacterial wipes, to have in your personal hygiene kit so you’re prepared at home or on the go.

Why do I need a hygiene kit? 

Having your own hygiene kit, ready and packed with the right items, means you are thinking ahead. Wherever you are, whenever you need it, you have a multi-purpose hygiene kit to help you and anyone around you stay hygienically clean.

Preferably, you would want to keep your hygiene products in a toiletries bag that’s easy to travel with. Remember, it’s not just about being conscious of how many frequently touched items you come into contact with, but also people. By sanitising your hands as soon as you get off the bus, you will protect anyone else you come into contact with. 

Antibacterial Hand Wash

The World Health Organisations sys that frequent handwashing with soap is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of germs and bacteria. By always having an extra antibacterial hand wash in your personal hygiene kit, you can ensure that every sink in your home will always have antibacterial hand wash ready and waiting when your hands need it most. If you’re planning on staying away from home having an antibacterial hand wash with you wherever you go helps you stay prepared to stop the spread of germs.  

Travel Hand Sanitiser

There isn’t always an opportunity to wash your hands, so for peace of mind, make sure you have travel-friendly hygiene products as on-the-go hand hygiene solutions. Preferably a quick-drying cleansing solution that kills 99.9% of bacteria. A 50ml hand sanitiser gel is perfect for your commute or even as you venture out for your bi-weekly grocery shop.

Antibacterial Hand Cream

Constantly sanitising your hands after coming into contact with frequently touched surfaces can lead to dry and cracked hands. Not only are chapped hands uncomfortable, but the cracks can harbour unwanted germs. To protect your hands from germs whilst soothing chapped skin, keep an antibacterial hand cream in your hygiene kit. It’s important to not only cleanse your hands but care for them too. 

Antibacterial Wipes

Another way to keep your hands germ-free when there isn’t water and hand soap available to you is with the use of antibacterial hand wipes. In a compact size, antibacterial wipes are easy to keep on you when travelling and provide you with the same effective protection you would get from using antibacterial hand wash. Even better yet, if you’re travelling with young children, antibacterial wipes are an effortless way to wipe sticky fingers before they touch their faces. 


Lifebuoy’s Mission 

Lifebuoy is dedicated to providing people of the nation with effective hand hygiene products that kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs. It’s crucial in our fight against the spread of germs to keep personal hygiene kits stocked and stored away for when you need an extra bit of protection and care. We take public health to heart and with the help of Lifebuoy’s hygiene products, we can stay prepared to care for and protect ourselves – and each other. losh It. Bish Bash Bosh bacteria away.